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As a tennis consumer of instruction, I don't really care about who invented what first. I read John Yandell's post with interest, as I believe he runs Tennisone? Which is where I came across Doug King's "Orientation & Swingpath." Again, I'm not sure if Mr Yandell reviews or stamps approval on each/every article.

Having taken clinics at Newcombe's ranch (probably the most traditional clinic I've experienced where they'll feed you low balls to get you to stay down and step into the ball) I definitely find Wegner's methods to be unique in that he recommends pulling the forehand up and across rather than following through in the direction (hitting 5 balls in a row). BTW, I've been told the "5 balls in a row" in California and Florida clinics where they were more friendly feeding to western grips and open stances.

The other point that seems unique is his emphasis on finding the ball specifically not taking the racquet back early. Again all the other clinics/coaches come down hard on this. I'll be honest that this last point is something I'm not sure about... it's part of my routine.

What I'm not sure about is whether MTM argues against an early shoulder turn on FHs? Even on slower balls, I find if I delay the shoulder turn, I feel rushed hitting the ball. I also notice that I usually don't need a bigger backswing than what the shoulder turn provides.

On the overhead for example, we can agree that every pro turns right away. This does not seem to hinder them from finding the ball.

Having done clinics and lessons w/ non-MTM coaches, I'm curious to try an MTM coach. That being said, I will return to Newks and enjoy their drills though I will ignore their suggestions about hitting through the ball.
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