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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
thanks for the good post, borami. iŽll make it a point to look for that aspect tomorrow on the courts.
when doing figure eights i know that my feet are normally looking forward.
the same thing happens with rope jumping. feet point forward.
shuffling with the feet outward is especially effective. Once the muscles are set you can shuffle shapes faster with better control. This is key to fine movement adjustments in tennis.

For jumping ropes, you never touch the heels and jumping on the ball of the feet. When jumping on both feet, after the heels are off the ground feet rotate inward actually and past parallel. But, when landing the feet rotate backward. So in jumping rope heels are already in the air so the feet will appear parallel and inward while jumping. This happens when jumping for the serve as well but before the heels are off the ground most players have their heels closer than their toes. This give best stability for balance.
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