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Originally Posted by Mike Y View Post
And Cindy, what I have observed is that women usually have a "side", not necessarily the deuce or the ad side, but one or the other, much more than men have a "side". That is frustrating for me when I play Mixed and the woman refuses to play the deuce side.
I think by the time you get to 4.0, most women can play either side. But that is not the question I ask.

If I ask the players which side they prefer, most reply, "Oh, I can play either."

If I ask the players on which side they are stronger, most reply deuce.

Interestingly, the one player who is most firmly an ad court player is just terrible on the deuce side. She struggles with her FH. She can get away with hitting slice BHs and FHs on the ad side, but she feels she cannot hit a FH well enough to avoid a poach (or lob or go DTL).

As for me, I used to play ad side all the time. I had no FH crosscourt, but I was happy to hit the FH inside out. Even in mixed, I played ad because it was better to have me get a return in the court than to donate endless points trying to take my FH crosscourt.

Thankfully, I have fixed my FH.
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