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Originally Posted by TonyB View Post
That's actually pretty hilarious. She is superstitious about her frames, yet uses Wilson "stock" racquets, which are among the absolute WORST in terms of consistency and quality control.

So, she wants the stenciled "W" to point in the same direction as the paint job, but doesn't care if the racquet's balance is off by 4 points. Amazing.
it depends on the player. remember reading about this pro stringer/racket tuner, who would add aluminum foil to the side of a pro client's rackets after matching them, so that they would all look the same (as requested by the client).

the biggest difference IMO between pros and rec players, is the pros demand consistency (always the same feel), whereas rec players demand novelty (a different frame for a bit more pop on the serve, or something more maneuvrable, or with a softer feel, etc) - something to give their games a boost.
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