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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
................................... But with the LASIK, you take away your nearsightedness, hence the eventual need for reading glasses.
Lasik does not take away the need for reading glasses.

The eyes can accomodate or change the shape of the eye lens to change focal length when people are younger. Almost everyone loses the ability to adequately accomodate between say 45 & 55. Then you need reading glasses (unless you were near sighted before).

Lasik is usually done to reshape the cornea to focus at distance with both eyes. There is a Lasik option to have one eye for distance and the other eye for close up, 16" for reading. Then you don't need reading glasses. My friend has that and has been very pleased. I would not be interested and would want both eyes focused for distance. My friend says that depth perception is no problem once you get used to it but I would rather use reading glasses and have both eyes the same.

A new lens lens for cataract treatment is the Crystal Lens. It has a special mechanism that uses the old muscles that focused the removed eye lens to move the replacement lens in & out to focus. My wife could see both distance and was able to read in the treated eye. She usually prefers using 1.25 diopter reading glasses (one of her eyes is untreated and needs a reading lens.)

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