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Originally Posted by S&V Specialist View Post
If you need "SOFT" then why bother with anything other than natty gut?

Because nat gut costs around $40 per set and PS Energy costs $5. I can get 8 sets of PS Energy (about 2 months at 1 set per week) for each set of nat gut. Also, nat gut will change properties during the course of 2 months while I can keep playing with fresh sets of PS Energy for the same cost.

Also, nat gut doesn't even come CLOSE to the spin level of PS Energy and the power level isn't as controllable. Nat gut feels "stiff" but generates a ton of power, while PS Energy feels soft while offering similar power, along with more spin. Let's say natty gut is "crisp" and PS Energy is "comfortable".

Nothing wrong with nat gut, but if you string your own frames and can afford to do it every week or so, then PS Energy is a better option.
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