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Originally Posted by TMF View Post
2001 grass was still fast. The surface gradually slow down by the year and bounce higher. The only fact we have is Agassi and Fed played Sampras on grass and Fed handle his serve better than Agassi.
Agassi broke Sampras 5 times at the start of his grasscourt peak in '93, at Wimby. Just because he couldn't do it against Sampras having one of the serving match of his life (1999 Wimby final, altho his performance was a tad overrated), doesn't necessarily mean Federer had a better return versus Sampras. Nobody is perfect. Everyone has an off day. Fed broke Roddick what, 1 time in 38 return games in 2009? Does that mean he's not a great returner? No, he just had an off day and Roddick was serving incredibly well. And Fed was clearly a better returner at 27-going on-28 than he was at 19-going on-20.

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