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Mine, however, is soreness and probably scar tissue at the connection between the bone and the tendon. It's quite difficult to heal. Right now, I am questioning the FlexBar just a bit. After almost two weeks, I am more sore if anything. However, the forearm feels stronger. I am going with the theory that the tendon scar tissue is being broken down and it's being remodeled. Trying to be patient.
I don't think tendon scar tissue generally gets broken down with eccentric exercises. Those sort of exercise strengthen, stretch and re-align the tendon fibres logitudinally over its entire length (if you're doing the exercises properly). All of which is generally all good for tendon repair / prevention of relapse etc.

Don't know about scar tissue in tendons, but scar tissue is muscles tends to get broken down by repeatedly kneading it ie which when the physios jams his/her fingers deep into stiff/tight muscles causing howls of pain. And according to physios its also done at certain times post injury during the healing/repair phase as well to reduce the formation of significant scare tissues. Hence the howls of pain.

One word of caution to those macho posturing about the blue Flexbar. If you have a damaged anything, whether its tissue/muscle/tendon/ligament rarely is it a good idea to be putting the maximum amount of force possible through the injured area. Maximum force and too many repetitions each day does not make it heal quicker. 100 repeitions a day will not make it heal 100 times faster. You need to begin low and slow, otherwise you risk making the injury worse.

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