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Originally Posted by S&V Specialist View Post
Spin has ruined tennis. To me, I find it laughable that one would say there is a better string than natural gut, but hey, to each their own. And for the time it takes to restring several frames, doing it every week is just simply not an option.

Spin has not "ruined tennis." That's just absurd. Spin is absolutely necessary on serves, particularly the 2nd serve. I'm not talking Nadal-type spin. I'm talking spin required to keep the ball in play, to generate skidding slices, to create kicking serves and drop-dead dropshots.

Just because natural gut is "the pinnacle of strings" doesn't mean it's the best for everyone in every situation.

I love natural gut. But it's too expensive to play around with in trying to find the right string setup for a particular racquet. Each frame plays differently with different strings. I'm not about to spend $40 just to try a new tension or new frame, only to have to cut it out after 20 minutes of play because it doesn't work for me.

For $5, I can easily try 5 or 6 different tensions for any given frame, and still cost less than 1 single set of natural gut.

I think it's time to get off the soap box and come down to reality. Natural gut is good, but other string materials are often better suited for different playing styles or personal preferences.
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