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Originally Posted by boramiNYC View Post
yes for this kid. his heels rarely touches the ground. pros rest their weight on heels to initiate their strokes most of the time and only lift them when needed.
Yes his heels don't touch enough but

I'm not 100% sure but... I disagree.

Imo the pros do not put their weight on the heels to initiate a stroke (talking fh here).
The weight goes on the inside of the rear leg, on the inside of the foot, with the head and center of gravity in front of the rear leg. The heal will touch the ground but the weight is not on the heel, the weight is put in front of the right leg on the prep and if they were to lift their left leg they would fall over forward. This slight 'unstability' helps them initiate the weight transfer. Putting weight on your heel will cause you to lean back.

Maybe an established coach can weigh in on this...
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