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Default Stringsavers: What Is Their Effect?

I strung my Juice 100 with Pacific Tough Gut at 55/58 full bed and really liked it. I look for ball pocketing/dwell time and this certainly provides it. It certainly had a LOT of power and felt great.

In order to make it last a bit longer as the fraying began, I installed a number of the Babolat string savers in what I think is the sweet spot of the piece--about a 6 main by 6 cross area

For sure, they tightened up the string bed and it plays crisper than it did earlier, but other than that, it still feels pretty much like it did before with a bit less power.

I have read posts where some folks think the string savers hurt the feel and will not use them.

What do the rest of you think about using string savers?

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