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All things being equal tennis is a game of percentages and you win by making the fewest errors. It's easy to be "strong" and hit the ball out of the park, anyone can do that, but the percentages are higher in being consistent and giving opponents the opportunity to mess-up, which usually occurs within five or six shots. My definition of "stronger" is the one who hits the ball, harder forcing errors or hitting un-returnables, but this is also lower percentage and they will also make more errors. The "consistent" player is the one who plays more conservatively, more touch, more angles, keeping the ball in play by making a lot of returns. Unless the two "arguing" pros, in the OP are seeing some glaring weakness at the 4.5 level, one is wrong.

The OP is talking 4.5, Cindy as a freshly minted 4.0, is swinging the discussion to a different level where all things are not equal and you can pretty much do whatever you want having so many variables. This is not a decision for a team captain, unless they are very astute as you can see even two "pros" have differing views. When the discussion comes up I just tell my dubs partner that my surgeon advised I play the ad side unless there's a lefty serving.
"...the human emotional system was not designed to endure the mental rigors of a tennis match." Dr. Allen Fox

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