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Originally Posted by Hi I'm Ray View Post
Sorry but this seriously points to a lack of any real experience or understanding, it sounds totally made up. Leaving the whole "MTM" debate out of this. Most coaches hardly talk about strategy, most are focused on stroke production, and they constantly point out mistakes. Coaches definitely talk about grips. Drills are very important practice, saying they lead to no improvements is pure crap. How many ppl here are going to believe that the majority of tennis "students" are more concerned about strategy than stroke production? Just Zero credibilty.
Well, I have seen literally hundreds of adults whose game has improved zilch with lessons. True many of them takes doubles lessons only, but even the singles ones have not improved. Maybe they have maintained their level and that itself is an achievement, I do not know. But I see them making the same mistakes over and over again, using wrong grips, and then asking an intricate question about doubles positioning.

Also, I am not talking about tennis "students" in general, but adult players.

Just this afternoon I was at the club and after playing a set of old man doubles which went into a tiebreak, one guy tells me a story of a coach from Bermuda who once had a foursome of women in a clinic. He asked them to put their rackets down, and for half an hour made them do dancing steps to improve their footwork. It became legendary.

Would I pay for it? No.

Another thing that amazes me is that these adult lesson takers wait for 10 minutes for a lesson, when the coach is teaching a junior. The junior is hitting massive top spin and looks like a mini Nadal. Then these guys walk into the court and do they even wonder, hey maybe I should also hit with topspin? No. Instead they are "warming up" for 10 minutes service line to service line thinking it is a great lesson.

These guys could certainly use a dose of MTM to wake them up.
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