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Default FS: (10) Aerogel 100s and (4) AG 200s

Yes, I have 14 (!) Dunlop frames for sale, as follows:

7 AG 100s (not 4D or Bio, but Aerogel 100). All are 3/8, and 5 of the 7 are strung. Condition and prices vary from $45-60 each. All in excellent (7.5-9.5/10) condition with no cracks or chips. The three 7.5/10 frames only need replacement bumper guards, which will come with each frame (1 per frame) and that would make these 8.5 or 9/10.

3 AG 100s with 4 1/4 grips. All are 9/10 condition with no wear to frames and modest wear to bumpers and grips only. $50 each.

4 AG 200s are all 4 3/8 and have been used 1-1.5 hours each only, as I just recently purchased them. $80 each.

Prices do not include shipping and I will consider splitting or paying for paypal and shipping if multiples are purchased by one buyer. Prices are firm and extremely reasonable given the rarity and condition of these frames.

I am only selling because I am going to use the 4D200 or 200 tour instead.

email for information and pics.
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