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Originally Posted by TMF View Post

When you're married, partners are more attached/closer because they make a vow to each other, and in front of the family/relatives/good friends. Also, a wedding ceremony done publicly is for the record, so if someone broke their vows, the greatest shame and reproach was brought down upon the guilty party by the entire community. Another reason for partner to break up is if they decide to, they have to go through the complicate steps and requirements to complete the process. The effort, time and money makes couple think twice, so instead of oblige for divorce, couple rather go on rehab to save their marriage.

OTOH, partner living together don't have to deal with all of these complicated issues. If one decide to leave(could be any reason), one can just back their back and say good bye. They don't owe each other anything. Thus they don't feel bad because they never made a vow publicly in front of family/relatives/friends.

I don't think you're married, because it's seem you don't have any experience.
Really depends on the location/jurisdiction ...

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