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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
You're very welcome! The instinct is a nice hitting stick, RIP would definitely tame some of the inherent power it has.

Yup, I use my PDRGT+'s for tournaments as they give me the best opportunities to win given my skill set. I use both the new and old versions.

I have used the new PD, took it for a hit last Wednesday. Nice stick, comfortable considering the high stiffness, but I just don't swing fast enough to rein in it's power for an entire match. For some reason, my experience with higher powered sticks, is that unless I can maintain pretty high RHS with it, I'm losing control with it. The PD fit that mould perfectly. With my PDRGT+'s, the XL length slows the stick down a bit to make it more comfortable for me to maintain speed with off both wings.

I am so scared to buy a new stick!!! Like BRAND new. Because I have done that twice and only got back 75% of what I paid per TWs policy. Thought I would love the rackets, but ended up regretting it. So I was looking at a PD 2012 used as there are no IG instincts used.
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