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It's funny when you're playing a 12 and under player and you have to hit "higher" than normal because they're short. I've never moonballed a junior before but I have hit more "roll shots" to their backhands than I would a regular sized person.

I've been aced by a 70 mph serve that painted the T because I was standing way too inside the baseline not knowing what I was getting myself into playing this kid.

His dad is a 5.0 and his son was going to the Bollettieri academy last I heard. He wanted me to "hit" with his son (probably for his entertainment). I told his dad I have to beat him now while I can, because when he's like 14 or 15 ill have no chance lol. He was probably 10 or 11 at the time.

That was incredibly fun, sobering, and a little humiliating. But I beat him. And as long as I never play him again he'll never beat me!
"In the 1980's two men dominated--sometimes each other, most of the time everyone else."
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