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Originally Posted by filphil View Post
My favorite setup is full gut. It's great for the arm, and it lasts 2-3 times as long as the best multifilaments, but just because it's great for me doesn't mean it's good for a beginner.

The softer multifilament synthetics are as easy on the arm as gut. You won't find anybody whose arm is going to be any better with full gut than it would be with a good soft multi. I know this as well as anyone because my arm starts to feel it after only 3 hours with poly.

Unlike gut, you can play with multifilament synthetics in the rain and you don't have to treat it with kid gloves. Beginners are notorious for not knowing these kinds of things. As soon as the beginner leaves his racquet out in the rain, it's done. He can play with it in a damp court or leave it in the trunk of his car, and suddenly the strings have lost tension. Yes, gut is durable, but a beginner isn't going to be breaking strings anyway. The only strings I would recommend for a beginner are cheap nylon, synthetic gut, or multifilaments.
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