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Originally Posted by Dedans Penthouse View Post
No doubt, a big choke; Stricker in particular.

That said douchebag, if you're going to invent unfounded assumptions ("only had to turn up") and put it out there as unassaillabe truth, don't be an asshole about it, you asshole.
I don't think they were that arrogant, I agree. Europe had a big lead 2 years ago and America nearly pulled it back, so both teams knew everything was still to play for.

I just think Europe started to play the way they can on the last day, what was disappointing about the first two days was that most of the players were letting themselves down, playing way below their best. We had fourball pairings who took 13 holes to make a birdie between them, it was painfully bad at times.

Today we played to our potential, all the blue on the board got the American players nervous, the fans felt it and weren't as loud etc.. The home crowed can be a huge advantage when things are going well, but when they're quiet, it has a huge impact the other way.
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