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Originally Posted by Power Player View Post
Lol..look how angry the droider gets over a cell phone. My god. I think it is the lack of OS updates that frustrate him.

People still dont grasp how much faster the new iphone is compared to the s3. That is really the key to a great cell phone. Speed and efficiency. The iphone 5 has won all the benchmarks in that aspect and that is why people love it so much.
Do you really notice it all that much though?

On the side by side tests i've seen, apps open up a second or two quicker on the new iPhone. For me, that would be nice to have, but nowhere near as important as the operating system.

I use a brand new Windows machine at work and it's very quick, i'd take my 6 year old, slower MacBook over it anyday though! Same for the phone, it's all about the OS personally.
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