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Originally Posted by pvaudio View Post
Torres for instance does not find Scorpion good at all.
Not true. I actually like Scorpion - see my Played With The Scorpion Tonight thread.

I think its a good string. Like you I agree its a good around poly. I also like the way it feels.

But for me two things hold it back from being a great 'pure outright performance' string.

One, lack of significant spin potential. Spin tends to be disruptive to opponents and hitting a heavy ball allows you to press your game onto them more readily. I don't feel I'm pressing my game onto my opponents quite as much with this string. Obviously some spin potential is there, just not as much as the best spin polys out there. Personally I like hitting flat not least because of that meaty contact sensation but you have to be 100% on whereas spin and heavy achieves better margins and competitive results the rest of the time even if when striking the ball it doesn't feel as satisfying. Its that pleasure v results thing.

Two, its more comfortable and powerful when fresh. I don't like stringbeds or strings that tighten over time with hitting. Tension maintenance is good but doesn't mean much if the string has lost whatever elasticity it had in the first place.

Solid hitting string though. I played my best match of 2011 with a racquet strung with Scorpion. Though it was a combination of string, leaded Prestige MP, me being in the zone that day, and a big flat hitting Berdych style of opponent that played into my style of game. My flat serving was amazing that day. I remember that match well.

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