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Originally Posted by Moose Malloy View Post
I'm guessing in this match, 2009 Davis Cup:

don't know if there were any breaks
Stepanek broke twice, Karlovic just once. But there's contradictory information online. Some press reports said no one was broken till the fifth set; others that Stepanek got a break in the first set and did not break again until the end.

Each man served 39 service games, FWIW.

Stepanek might actually have a longer service streak than Karlovic, which reinforces the point that service records have a lot to do with the quality of returning. The match was on red clay yet Karlovic could only break once in 39 attempts.

Stepanek breaking only twice in 39 attempts is a totally different story, since Karlovic is unbreakable on any surface.
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