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wow only 8 qualifiers out of 128. That makes it very hard to qualify. I'll take a shot at who I think will qualify from each section.

section 1:
Lots of good players here. Axel Alvarez is the sleeper. There could be a bigtime 2nd round showdown between Shane and Pasha. Quiroz also lurking down there. In the end I think Shane is too strong beating Alvarez to qualify.Justin Shane

section 2:
Wide open section, with the big seed being Chris Simpson. Upstart Hokie Bjerrehus is the sleeper here. But my pick to get threw to the main draw is Franciso Dias

section 3:
Another wide open section. No really strong players here, Kallberg is over seeded and will not qualify in fact he will lose first round to Hopkins. Hard to pick a winner out of here but I am going with new blood and picking Leonard Stakhovsky.

section 4:
Maybe younger Shane can keep rolling through. He has some obstacles and ultimately won;t do it. Anis Ghorbel

section 5:
I don't know, another relatively open section(all of these sections are cake compared to section 1). Matt Kandath

section 6:
This is another tougher section, one of the tougher ones. Have some good players in here. Lipman is probably still too much out of form to do much damage. Newcomer from Miss State in here in Dumont. But at the end of the day I think the vastly improved Jason Tahir will qualify.

section 7:
Interesting section. Includes two top tier ACC Freshman, Redlicki and Richmond. Wagland also in here. I will pick a surprise and select Romain Bogaerts to keep in going and qualify from the pre-qualies.

section 8:
I;m not sure if Petrone can capitalize on the good draw. Sebastian Stiefelmeyer
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