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Originally Posted by Cheetah View Post
Heel to ball on a fh? I don't see anyone doing this. The weight is placed on the inside of the leg and the inside of the foot. You can see heel to ball on the front foot of a 1hbh but not on a fh. Heel to ball gives you a linear action towards the ball of the foot and the foot is usually placed facing the side fence. Maybe you are talking about neutral stance forehands or something.

Can you post a video of anyone doing this in a match? Not a practice / warm up video.
any time you set your feet for a stroke you land on the heel and pushing off happens either the big toe side of the ball of the foot or the big toe itself. so there is the transition. timing and smoothness of this movement of the feet is very well controlled for pros. rec players not so much. I'll see if I can find a footage but basically everyone does it.
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