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Default Co Focus Hybrid - what Cross??

I'm pretty much sold on MSV Co-Focus - and I like using OGSM as a cross.

However - before I get spools of both I'm looking for a few more suggestions.

I've tried Forten Sweet - and liked OGSM better - due to being more crisp and it seemed - better control.

I hear mixed reviews on a mulit as a cross - but I'm open to that if it is an inexpensive one that will have decent durability.

The #1 option I read - is a Gut Main with the Co-Focus cross - but that is probably too pricey for me - unless I can be convinced it is not more expensive due to durability?

What I like about the Co-Focus OGSM is good control and decent power.

What I don't like - is it plays stiff initially and took a couple hours to get to optimal playability.
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