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Originally Posted by Arafel
I broke my ankle last fall in a tournament when I rolled it. It still gives me a little pain at times. I wear the ASO every time I play and I'm pretty happy with it. Offers support while not completely immobilizing the ankle. I'm thinking of getting one for the other ankle just as a precaution.

I couldn't imagine wearing an aircast when I play. They are bulky.
I broke my left ankle 3 times in 2000. I was in cast for all of them. Since I was in a cast for 3 times and my left foot is a inch smaller than my right foot. This time I sprained it real bad, no fractures of broken bones. Do you wear ASO only on the foot you hurt or both? Federer use to only wear on the side where he sprained, but guys like Roddick and Hewitt wear on both sides even though they sprained only one side.
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