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Originally Posted by 5263 View Post
MTM is NOT against early shoulder turn,

It teaches not to stick the racket way back behind you way early like many use to teach (and some still do).
Feel free to correct me if I'm off, 5263 - here's my take.

Although I am not the best practitioner , I think I understand how the shoulder turn works. For the FH, there is a partial turn when the player is stalking the ball with the racquet in front. The full hip turn happens when the player plants the back foot, which happens when the ball is relatively close, possibly after the bounce or near it. The full shoulder turn completes just before the backswing is complete, which is usually when the ball is approaching closer. This sequence, if done right accomplishes many things, IMO - the most important items being the timing of the kinetic chain, and the ability to track the ball well after the bounce. IMO, nothing should happen too early except stalking the ball with a partial turn.

The 2HBH would be similar, except the final turn and backswing will be coincident with the step to the front (if hitting from the front foot).

Best not to overthink this, IMO... a few simple cues a la Oscar should make the right things happen!

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