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Originally Posted by Fuji View Post
Man you guys over think it sometimes!

Nawh, all I do is attempt to get as close to centre as possible. I hit an okay backhand and a pretty good forehand for my level, so I know roughly 60% of shots are going to my backhand (even more if I'm playing a good opponent) so I keep grinding the backhand until I get an opening to hit a forehand. It's not optimal of course, but it definitely works.

I don't know what level you are but this is not good tennis for anything above 3.5. If you're in the center of the court after hitting cross court or dtl a decent player's eyes will light up at the huge hole you are leaving. If someone is playing me and they do this the point is over or at the very least they are in trouble for sure. That extra step you are leaving open is enough. Not bragging but I would be able to win every point (barring unforced errors) against you by hitting at 40% pace if you do this. If I were you I'd consider tuning up your positioning sense because if you do what you say here then most likely you have other positional problems in other situations too.
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