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Originally Posted by jazar View Post
We actually use the Sensor at the French Open.

I own a Star 5 and I like it a lot. It's a very smooth, easy to use machine. I think most of us who string at the French Open would prefer to use it over the Sensor, mainly because it has the Diablo. My one issue with it is the interface, and having to go into the menu to change from lbs to kgs, or to turn on pre-stretch, etc.

I've never used a Baiardo. Having the ergonomic function wouldn't really be something that I'm interested in at the moment, but then again I'm young and leaning over a machine for extended periods of time isn't something that bothers me or that I find uncomfortable.
Just curious about the diablo. The sensor has a high mounting fixture, not sure what it's called, but when the string is placed into the tension head, it pretty much is always at the same angle and straight. I haven't used a diablo before, but I thought the sensor's string guide was pretty simple and elegant design with out having to twirl the string around. Any comments?
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