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Default Wrist pain with adapting to new FH technique

My coach and I have made some modification to my FH take back and quicker unit turn. I'm trying to drill in the part before contact where I supinate the wrist at the take back where the butt cap is facing the ball. I've watched some videos on YT where the term hitting the FH at the slot where you employ supination at the end of the backswing before pulling the racquet through to contact.

In the long term getting this technique down will give my FH more pop but I've been experiencing some mild pain in my wrist. Is this expected as my wrist is adjusting to a different technique? I'm guessing maybe doing some weights to strengthen my wrists would help.

BTW, I employ a SW grip and will be keen to stick to that. Some coaches have tried to change it to W but I find it uncomfortable trying to get right under the ball to generate more topspin and end up dumping a lot of shots into the net.

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