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Default Why is my arm hurting?


Slightly obscure title I know.

I play once or twice a week and played yesterday for nearly 3 hours. During the evening and today, my shoulder, wrist and hand really ache. I noticed this a bit last week as well.

The only difference I have made is that I have gone back to using my lighter racket (300g) as I love the head speed and mobility I get.

I'm wincing slightly as I ask this, but could going back to a lighter racket be the problem? I don't recall getting this pain or any pain when I used my Exo3 Graphite 93 (345g).

Or is the fact that I am using an alloy racket one of the reasons? I'm thinking a lack of forgiveness on vibration here.

Any thoughts, or advice? What sort of weight training exercises should I add to combat this sort of situation?

Many thanks
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