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Originally Posted by papa View Post
I have a Eagnas 911 machine and do a moderate amount of stringing - not a huge amount. One of the spring assisted swivel clamp bases is a problem - difficult to adjust and probably needs to be replaced. Suggestions.
After a decent amount of time, I'm sure that the springs wear out.
I have a different machine, but it has the spring assisied bases, and I got some extra springs so when they do wear out I would not be down waiting for replacements. You may wish to contact the distributor of your machine and see about parts.

Then again, I string a moderate amount, and still have the original springs,the machine has strung a good # of racquets and they still function properly.But I do have the extra springas as in time I would assume all springs would wear out.

Are you adjusting them properly?
You do know that on many spring assisted base clamps, there is a little plug on the side of the base that you remove, (position the base at a 90 degree angle to the track, and insert the proper size hex wrench to adjust) .You turn clockwise very slightly (approx. a quarter turn or less at a time) , to snug up the adjustment.It should not be difficult to adjust at all.You turn that adjustment screw till when you flip the switch to about the 1/2 way point it holds.You do not want to overtighten it, just enough when you flip the lever to the center point it holds the way it should.

On this video link below it shows on the 28 min-30 min mark on disassembling and adjusting the base clamps on a Babolat machine, which is similar to many base clamps out there.

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