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Originally Posted by COPEY View Post
Hey TonyB, what tension are you using for PS, and what racquet? I'm curious, because while I agree that PS is a very good poly (albeit for only a brief period of time), the spin you speak of generating with this string is what I find interesting. Mind you, I'm quite capable of generating respectable spin with the likes of a basic synthetic, hence my technique is quite sound. I just didn't find PS to be in the same league as Tour Bite, Cyclone, and several other popular polys, which seems to be the kind of spin you're producing with PS. I used it in a Volkl MP Classic at 53, by the way. I've also tried it in a hybrid, but I can't recall the tension--I'd have to look it up when I get home.
Same here - I used PolyStar Energy and didn't find it exhibiting the properties you speak of. Maybe I had it too tight. In a Head Extreme 100, I had it at 55lbs for the mains and 59 for Goshen SG 17 in the crosses.

In comparison, I've tried MSV Hex at 50 in the mains and Goshen SG 17 in the crosses at 55 and could generate crazy spin with great power and a really nice "pop", but was spraying about 1/3 of the balls past the baseline 1-2' with good full swings. I was out of MSV so I tried the PolyStar/Goshen combo at 55/59 and I didn't notice much spin, liveliness, etc.. Did I have it too tight?
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