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Originally Posted by AA5B Tiger View Post
Same here - I used PolyStar Energy and didn't find it exhibiting the properties you speak of. Maybe I had it too tight. In a Head Extreme 100, I had it at 55lbs for the mains and 59 for Goshen SG 17 in the crosses.

In comparison, I've tried MSV Hex at 50 in the mains and Goshen SG 17 in the crosses at 55 and could generate crazy spin with great power and a really nice "pop", but was spraying about 1/3 of the balls past the baseline 1-2' with good full swings. I was out of MSV so I tried the PolyStar/Goshen combo at 55/59 and I didn't notice much spin, liveliness, etc.. Did I have it too tight?

Why are your crosses tension so much higher than your mains?

Well to do a proper comparison between the two different set up, you need to be at the same tension. But yes, you probably strung the crosses too high at 60 lbs
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