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Originally Posted by T-ennis 888 View Post
Timothy - I remember you asking questions about the 4D 200T a few weeks ago. Seems you're quite the convert now from the above comments! I'm glad you are enjoying it.
Yes, it was a hard choice between the 200 and 200 Tour. I have two of each and like both for different reasons.

200: laser guided precision and extreme spin

200 Tour: stabilty and extra power that's still very, very controllable. extra comfortable too.

I wish I could breed the two products!

The deciding factor was the availabilty of Luxlinon 4G as a cross on the Tour. It really ups the control on the Tour's open stringbed so that it approaches that of the 200 base model.

I now have both Tours strung with VS and 4G and the comfort is outstanding, nothing like the other Luxilons I've tried. In a 4G world I can use open patterns again with comfidence.
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