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Originally Posted by TCF View Post
Love that approach. I find practice matches with subtle corrections as things progress are great development tools.
The less is more approach is good the higher level player you are dealing with. I look at the progression of a player's practice style as:

Beginner: coach ball feed, 1 ball at a time. This player need to learn how to strike a ball properly. They can't successfully rally, so give them one at a time and make adjustments to ingrain technique.

Intermediate: coach enters ball for rally with opponent. This player is getting used to footwork and needs to be put in some uncomfortable situations. The player can fight through mistakes, but still needs occasional corrections.

Advanced: coach stands to the side and 2 players rally. At this point, the players need to get used to high level of play. A coach can provide feedback during breaks, but ultimately an advanced player understands their mistakes and can correct them on their own.

It's the players at the intermediate and advanced (especially) that will benefit from playing lots of practice sets.
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