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Originally Posted by dizzlmcwizzl View Post
The original question to which comment refers deals with the situation when the players change courts ... so the same side is no longer possible, since the court has has changed.
But it is still possible, isn't it? I thought 99% of all tennis courts are built with the ends on North/South, so if you were playing on the North side of the court when rain halted the match, you'd still play on the North side of the court when play resumes, be it a different day, different court, different facility (or all three). Right?

This is the way we did it when our match got called in the middle of the 2nd set at a recent club tournament. We resumed two weeks later and on a different court, albeit the same facility. We picked up right where we left off:

Opponents serving at 3-4, 15-15 (though we did start the point over as we ran off the court after a first serve fault). They were serving from the South side of the court when we halted and resumed their service game from the South side of the court.
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