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Originally Posted by Greg G View Post
Received a second pair today! Looks like I'm committed

Bottom 2 are strung with Lux Alu power 16L @ 52/50. Still feel that it has noticeably less pop compared to the tour bite 17 @ 55/53 that it replaced. Hope it's just breaking in. Could it be the string gauge?

The new arrivals have polytour spin on, 1 full bed @48/46 and one hybrid with ogsm @ 50/50. Eager to see how they hit. The blue wasn't that bad actually, I was afraid it would clash with the pj. My first hybrid experience too. Crossing my fingers
I had the same experience with TB and Alu at pretty much the same tension as you, although I string one piece which I find gives a more uniform stringbed after an initial few hits.

As for the blue spin, I think its an excellent string but I started low 50's in tension and went down to 44 where I felt most happy, it was good to go from the off. Not tried it in a hybrid tho.

You should try the yellow tour string, more pop than the spin, better fuller feel, very nice string, lots of grip for a string that is not shaped.

Personally I love the racket, looks beautiful and plays beautiful. I just found I struggled on some cute shots, where it didnt come thro the air the same as a thinner stick. If you like your sticks heavy, then Yonex do have a little extra material so you need to be strong, I like mine heavy but Im less Wawrinka and more Korda, hence my return to Volkl
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