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Originally Posted by Feņa14 View Post
Do you really notice it all that much though?

On the side by side tests i've seen, apps open up a second or two quicker on the new iPhone. For me, that would be nice to have, but nowhere near as important as the operating system.

I use a brand new Windows machine at work and it's very quick, i'd take my 6 year old, slower MacBook over it anyday though! Same for the phone, it's all about the OS personally.
Without a doubt. It is a huge difference. My droids have always had serious choppiness after a few months of use, and I do all the things you are supposed to do (clear both caches, delete unused apps, clear text messages..etc). I havent seen any tests that show anything besides the benchmarks that have been posted 3 times in here. They clearly show that the iphone beats every other phone currently in each test.

I also agree that it is all about the OS as well. I think apple caters to more creative people who like to create art or music on their devices. As we know the only os that works for this is iOS. The internal latency on droids makes it almost impossible to do these things on. In fact his has already been discussed, but the lag time is over 100ms! That is a ton. Many artists are now making their albums on ipads and iphones now, and I believe that will be the future since you can sketch an idea you have anytime it pops into your head.

Here is an example of an app only on iphone and only possible on iOS ( I do not think you have to be a music maker to appreciate how simply amazing this $5 app is...just watch ) :

So people are saying Apple is it is not behind. It is ahead on things that creative types find valuable. If you are not that type of person then it does not apply, but if you are, there is no other mobile OS that can do these things, including Windows 8.

An app is coming for iOS that will link together all the music apps so you will be able to basically have a studio in your pad or phone with all the apps you own. That is simply amazing. A quote from them with the link to the article on the app :

"Google has made some steps in the right direction with a lower latency audio implementation in Android 4.1, but the only devices supporting that in a decent way have almost no market-share. When we’re talking about iOS and music we’re mainly talking about the iPad – a tablet – and Android tablets make up less than 3% of all Android devices.

Until that changes and Google finds a way to stop fragmentation on Android in a way that gives developers a quasi-standard device specification to develop for, without having to test on 40+ Android devices, the music app market on Android won’t be able to compete with the music app market on iOS.

Windows 8 has a long road ahead before it can prove that it’s a viable market for developers. That’s all I can say about it since I’m not a fan of speculation."

so once again, the iphone is by far the fastest phone available. It is not even close. So to those of us who care about those things, it is the clear choice. the creative capabilities of the device are far superior to any other option, and I speak from experience.
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