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Originally Posted by Ramon View Post
So if I get a papercut I need to go to the emergency room? Give me a break! You know nothing about the severity of the OP's condition.

While it's not good to tell someone not to go to a doctor if he has an injury, it's also unreasonable to tell someone to take 6-12 months off without knowing anything about his condition other than he feels pain while hitting a forehand.

No need to scare the guy into thinking it's doomsday. He even says it's not severe.
I vote with sadowsk2's view with serious reservations about eccentric treatments or any treatments without a Dr and supervised PT. I look at playing tennis on an injury with a lighter racket as a 'treatment'.

Tennis Elbow and Golfer's Elbow are very common tennis injuries. If an acute tendon injury is stressed for a time (what does your research say? links?) the injury can develop tendinosis according to what I have read. Since the injury is, in fact, uncertain and undiagnosed a conservative approach of worrying like hell and seeing a well qualified Dr seems reasonable to me.

If you get 10 of these injury issues in your tennis future and assume you have a diagnosis from the internet and someone on the internet has a treatment, what is going to happen?

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