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Agree with TCF. I have known parents who firmly believe their kid will go pro, and they approach it as a career i.e. deadly serious. I even know one who did go pro. The dad/coach would leave tournaments immediately after finishing the match, so they could work on what to improve. Socialization was almost non-existent at events. I also have known parents who choose their kid's career for them in law, medicine, or business, and approach it in the same way, so it's not unique to sports.

My wife and I made a conscious decision to direct our children into sports that they could play at 80, and still have good scholarship potential if they were good. Football and gymnastics were out. I don't know any 30-year old gymnasts, and every 30+ football player I know is suffering physically. We take our sports seriously as much for the life-lessons, as the potential of a return on our investment through scholarships, so we win either way.

I have also known families who freely admit they are there only for the social aspects, and have no intent of working toward a scholarship.

I cannot condemn anyone's approach as long as they are not abusive. We've all seen the psychotic parents who you just know will eventually push their own kids out of the sport. Our coach likes to say "there are two things that drive kids out of tennis; parents and coaches." Choose your own path, and love your kids. They didn't ask to be born; you dragged them into the world kicking and screaming (literally), so it's incumbent upon you to treat them well.
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