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Originally Posted by MikeyBigShot View Post
What would stop a guy from developing ground strokes like Sharapova or Serena? I know that most guys here probably try to coordinate their undies with whatever ATP players have under their shorts, but seriously what aspect og Serena/Sharapova's strokes aren't applicable to amateur men?

I doubt most amateur men need a WW FH to control their self-perceived massive FH.
amateur men don't but the pros are really a lot stronger even then serena or kvitova. they need a lot of spin to keep the ball in. 20 years ago when the best men hit about as hard as serena does now they could swing flatter but now they have better technology, weight training and steroids so they need a safety seatbelt (spin) to keep the ball in.

BTW: even most women use WW forehands now but they don't brush up as much as men.

the most "manly" FH on tour is certainly stosur:
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