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Originally Posted by treblings View Post
i can understand why people watching this videos would be confused.
those examples donīt look like anything you see on the ATP tour
You can't really expect to see a full on atp stroke unless it is in match conditions,
of course, depending on what you are looking for.
Watch some of Fed's warm up vids and the strokes often look worse than any
good Jr.
On the other hand, for one who knows what to look for, those vids show the
fundamental aspects of the stroke or part of the strokes they are meant to
demo. There are progressions to account for and Oscar's audience is not the
bunch of doubting Toms like sureshs, but players and instructors who come to learn from a
former pro with an excellent system. You can accomplish little by answering every
question from beginniners and are much more effective leading thru progressions
and letting them feel aspects of the stroke as you put it together.
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