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Originally Posted by mr_fro2000 View Post
I think I’m getting the idea/concepts of what has happened the past 10 yrs.

I think my conclusion from all this is that there is really no ‘new’ way to play tennis… the strokes that are being taught in the wenger videos have been around since I was a junior. Perhaps these kinds of strokes were not actively taught to stone-cold new players in the past… and maybe they are now.

In any case, many of the arguments seem silly
I think you reach some pretty good conclusions here. Only thing new about this over
the last 10 yrs is far broader acceptance across the US. You are right that
Oscar has been teaching like this since 72, although you likely never heard about
it back then. Also you are correct that more instructors are now using this modern
approach to teach new students.
And yes, the arguments from the usual 3.5 suspects are quite silly.
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