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I think most pros do care a lot about their rackets and that's why they get a racket that they like and stick with it for the rest of their careers. Very few pros change rackets during their active careers and the ones that do tend to style close to their original specs.

Their are a few exceptions to the stick with it rule - the Bryan brothers have played several models during their career but my view is they still carefully select their new racket.

Sampras was extremely picky - only st vincent pro staffs and heavily customized to his spec with lead tape. Rumor was Pete would complained if the stringer put too much stencil paint on the strings because he claimed to feel the difference in weight.

Nadal is playing with a much older model the AP - probably one from his late teens. Even his switch in strings is somewhat bogus as he apparently plays a special 15G version of RPM that is not available to the public. The 15L RPM is probably very close to original 15G Duralast string.

Federer has basically stuck with the same racket since the K Factor version. Some say he still plays a painted Ncode but I think he at least plays a KF. Even if he really is playing a customized current BLX 90, it is still very close in spec to what he has been playing for over a decade.

So, I think most pro do care about their racket and strings.

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