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Originally Posted by Irvin View Post
If you are having trouble with you Tour my guess is your problem is with 8H to tie off your mains. I would not use an awl especially using natty gut string. if you have a starting clamp insert the tie off string from the outside main before you pull tension on the 7th main. Make sure you get the poly crosses in early too while you clamp are at the bottom on the 6th mains. That way you won't have any cross over issues. Getting the poly cross in the tie off should be easier because you are using poly but be careful not to nick the gut with a sharp point on the poly.
It was the tour, but this time it was poly mains, gosen cross. It's never a problem getting the poly into the shared holes since it's plenty stiff. But for some reason this time I just couldn't get the gosen through the shared hole for the starting knot. Finally did succeed after moving the poly main a little bit with an awl. I knew you guys would have some ideas, thanks.
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