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Hit again with a group of: Pro One, Radical Pro, PS95BLX, and the BB Melbourne.

IG Radical Pro: Most like my Dunlop 4d 200 Tour due to more even weighting. Great on ground strokes, nice on serves, but still felt a little sluggish since I'm trying to find a racket more headlight and less tiring on my arm. As I always say, Head grip shape sucks. I normally use a 4 1/4 size with an overgrip so i figure a 4 3/8 with no overgrip would be the same on demo's but this 3/8's felt big. No fun when you can't find your forehand grip.

Pro One: I know they are not close to the same racket but i get the same feeling with the P1 as i did with my PS85 when serving and volleying. Spinning serves to the corners, then carving volley's were ever I want them. My buddy was laughing at some of the volleys I hit.

The odd thing is the specs between the Radical Pro and Pro One are not that different but one feels light and manuverable the other slower and heavy.

Wilson PS95 blx: Easiest for me to get used to. Nice Wilson headlight balance, but almost to light that I get whippy with it. Feels cheap and flimsy but it's not like it was twisting in my hand or anything either, feels cheap but doesn't play cheap if that makes sense.. The demo from TW was strung at something like 37 pounds so how the hell am I supposed to get a realistic meassure of the racket.

BB Melbourne is on sale so I had one of these shipped too. Grip was too square and the string bed felt a little too trampoliney. But it felt very solid, good all court racket, with a nice balance and weight. Basically if you could combine the PS and this, I'd be a happy camper: 95 sq, 12oz, 16x19, 7 pt hl, box beam, wilson grip pallet, and wilson feel.

Ideally I'd like to try a Pro One with one of the weighted butt caps or a leaded-up PS95.
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