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Originally Posted by jk175d View Post
It was the tour, but this time it was poly mains, gosen cross. It's never a problem getting the poly into the shared holes since it's plenty stiff. But for some reason this time I just couldn't get the gosen through the shared hole for the starting knot. Finally did succeed after moving the poly main a little bit with an awl. I knew you guys would have some ideas, thanks.
Try the same method I showed in the video. Start your top crosses with only the first six mains on each side in the racket. Tis way you clamps are on the bottom of the frame and out of the way. Then run in the two outside mains on each side. Here is a little trick I do, if my top cross is going to be above all the other string make sure you get the tie off string above the 8th main in the hole so you won't have a crossover on the outside of the frame. If it is going to be below the other strings get it below that 8th main before you tie off the mains and remove you clamps. Then all you have to do is tie your knot and start pulling tension on the crosses and you will never have a crossover on the outside of the frame.
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