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Originally Posted by coaching32yrs View Post
She needs to understand the game a lot better. Every shot has a purpose. You don't play a defensive shot off a short ball that sits up. You don't play an offensive shot 8 feet behind the baseline. The rally ball is basically the neutral shot, hit from the baseline and deeper. Hit it high over the net, mostly cross court, with plenty of topspin.
I agree with this.

My experience is that this problem is common with lots of 12 and unders playing USTA tournaments. So one could say they don't understand the game, or just chalk it up to youth. Either way, plenty of time to correct it.

If 16s and up USTA players have this problem, then they definitely have an issue understanding the game and there probably has been a serious gap in their training. Still correctable, but time's a wastin'

I am sure there are exceptions, but not sure this problem exists at the D1 level of play. Maybe a few D3 walk-ons exhibit this, but that might be the extent of it in college. And of course it is prevalent among recreational players
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