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Originally Posted by Sreeram View Post
Users of YK IG radical Pro, what is your setup? I have it currently stung with BHBR 16 at 52lbs. 4 gm of Lead on each side at 9 and 3. I still find the racquet turning in my hand on slighly offcenter hits. It is very irritating, it is happening like 3 to 4 times a set. Have anyone one of you faced the same problem? How did you guys fix it? I am planning on installing Leather Grip, do you think it will add more stability?
sounds like you are missing the sweetspot too often. Do you watch the ball ALL THE WAY INTO THE STRINGS? I would guess you don't very often. The YT IG Rad Pro is one of the most stable racquets around and with that extra lead you added at 3/9, it should be like a rock. I guarantee you this is a technique issue and not anything to do with the racquet.
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